みんな調子はどう? これからちょっとみんなの質問に答えてみようと思う。ちょっとキツめの風邪引いてんだけど、自宅にいて、暇だからね。それじゃいってみよう。
What's going on, everyone? I'll answer questions here for the next few minutes. I'm at home, bored, with a pretty bad cold. Let's do this.

Q1. タトゥーしてますか? これについてまだ答えられてないと思うんで。どちらにせよ、もし入れる予定があるなら、ぼくが手伝いたいので教えてください!
Do you have a tattoo? Not sure I've read anything about one. And if so or not, if you plan one be sure to let me know so I can hook ya up properly! 

I do have a tattoo on my arm but do think about getting another

Q2. 質問です。90年代にロイド・カウフマンが作った「悪魔の毒々モンスター」のアニメ版、「悪魔の毒々モンスター 毒々あにめいしょん」の実写版を脚本・監督するチャンスがあったらやりますか?
I have a question for you. If you had the chance to write and direct a Toxic Crusaders movie based off of the 90s cartoon that was based off of Lloyd Kaufman's Toxic Avenger films, would you do it?

I would not, no.

Q3. 結婚してくれますか?
Will you marry me?


Q4. エミリーモンスター(監督の飼い猫)わたしが飼ってもいい?
Can I have Emilymonster?! 

No but you can borrow her.

Q5. ガーディアンズ・オブ・ザ・ギャラクシーの一行が地球を訪れる可能性はありますか?
Is there a possibility for the guardians of the galaxy to visit earth? and will we see Peter Quill's reaction on how much earth cultures has changed?

Perhaps someday

Q6. 「エクス・マキナ」を観てたら感想下さい。俺まだ観てないけど
Have you seen Ex Machina yet and if so would you recommend it? I have not btw

I haven't but I'm really looking forward to seeing it!

Q7. 好きな大学教授っていましたか?
Did you have a favourite college professor?

Al Montesi. and Bob Earlywhine.

Von Spears had a cameo in the first movie. Will Emily Monster have a cameo in the sequel?

No. She would not like that.

Q9. ロケット・ラクーンはGotG2に出ますか?
Will Rocket Raccoon be in GoTG2?

Yes, of course.

Q10. GotGを成功させるために、同じ宇宙活劇であるスターウォーズのようなフランチャイズ展開を参考にしようと考えたことはありますか?
Given the success of GOTG, have you ever thought of visiting the Star Wars franchise as both are intergalactic adventures?

I love watching Star Wars movies, but I have no real desire to make one.

Q11. ここ5年間で好きな映画は?
favorite movie from the past 5 years?


Q12. ヒーロー/悪役の中で一番好きなのは?
Who's your favorite superhero/villain of all time?

It changes all the time. But the Joker is hard to beat as a villain.

Q13. 今年観た映画でお気に入りは?
Favorite movie you've seen this year so far?

Kingsmen and What We Do in the Shadows

Q14. クリス・プラットってどんな匂い?
What does Chris Pratt smell like?

It's really sad, but feces.

Q15. ガン監督に質問です。現在ある映画の中で、制作中のものも含めて「自分の思い通りに出来た」という作品は何ですか?、ファンやメディアがどう反応するかなどは気にしませんか? ところでGotG大好きです!!
Here's a question for you Mr. Gunn.. What movie is out there, made or not currently made that would be your "beat all" movie to direct? Regardless of how fans or the media would react? Love #GOTG by the way!!

I'm trying to figure out how to answer all of these questions of "would you do this?" or "would you do that?" The truth is, I am in a very lucky place where I can do almost anything I'd like to. I am grateful for it every day. Simultaneous to that, there are very, very few things that inspire me enough that I'd want to spend the next two years of my life doing them, and that I think the audience around the world has some thirst for. Right now I am doing exactly what I want to do, which is Guardians 2. It interests me more than any other idea or franchise out there. It is definitely my beat all film to direct.

Q16. タバコ吸いますか? 自分のバッグにメンソールタバコが入っているので、良ければそれを送りたいです!
Do you u like to smoke? I have a mentol cigar box in my bag and i would like to send u it!!!:)

Haha. Oh boy. No, I think you would love to smoke those menthol cigarettes all by yourself.

Q17. いつになったらLAでのカーディナル戦観戦パーティーやるの? ナマケモノも連れてくる? 知りたいんでよろしく
When are we having a Cardinals watch party in LA? Can sloths attend it? Thanks, lemme know

At your place soon. And yes I'll bring sloths.

Q18. ジェームス、次は何をやるの。あと自分では次に何をやりたい?
What's next, James - and what would you LIKE to work on next?

Well, pretty much all my time is spent now on Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and I'm happy with that. I'm having a lot of fun doing it.

Q19. 議論を解決したく助けて欲しいのですが……ソーとバットマンではどっちが優れたスーパーヒーローですか?
Help me settle an argument... Who's the better superhero, Thor or Batman?

Because I really really like Chris Hemsworth I will not answer this.

Q20. ロケットの過去が描かれる予定はありますか? ガーディアンズに新メンバーは?
Will we get into Rocket's background in the future? Any new Guardians members?

Yes and yes.

Q21. GotGのサントラにマジで使いたかったけど権利が取れなかった曲ってありますか?
Any songs you REALLY wish you could have used on the GotG soundtrack but couldn't get permission for?

We got the rights to every single song I asked for.

Q22. デッドプール(の映画化)どうよ?
Are you excited about Deadpool at all?

I really am. I loved the script.

Q22. インディ・ジョーンズのリブートの脚本と監督やってください。凄い事になると思います。
Please push to write and direct any Indiana Jones reboot. It would be awesome.

I don't think that really interests me.

Q23. やあジェームス!あなたの超ファンです!!! 好きなアニメ映画などあったら知りたいです
Hi James! Super huge fan of yours!!! I was wondering if you have a favorite animated movie and/or series?

A lot of the Pixar movies I love - Monsters Inc, Toy Story 3, A Bug's Life - I also love Beauty and the Beast.

What's your favorite MCU movie excluding Guardians (the one we'd all pick lol)?

Iron Man for sure.

Q25.GotGに使われた映画はどうやってチョイスしたのですか? GotG2では別の「オーサム・ミックス」が聴けますか?
Where did you took the Music for GOTG? We gonna listen another awesome mix on GOTG2?

Yes, you'll hear Awesome Mix Vol 2 in the second film

Q26. クリス・プラットがスターロード役を出来なくなったとしたら、誰を選びますか?
If chris pratt couldn't play the role of star lord, who would've been the next choice to play the character?

Glenn Howerton

Q27.「ガーディアンズ・オブ・ギャラクシー」に起用された時の興奮は「トロメオ&ジュリエット」を任された時と同じでしたか? 続編も入れてどうですか?
did you feel the same excitement when you got the gig for Tromeo and Juliet as you did when you got the call for guardians??? and the next one??

I don't think anything could ever beat the excitement of getting the call to do Guardians.

Q28. ヨンドゥは続編で前作以上の活躍をしますか? マイナーなのは知ってますが、彼の事をもっと知りたいし、その活躍が見たいです
Will Yondu be a bigger part of Guardians 2? I know he's a bit minor, but I'd really like to learn more about him, or see him in action more.

Yes he'll be an important part of GotG2

Q29. デアデビルのシーズン2にバニッシャーが出る事についてどう思います?
What do you think of Punisher being in Daredevil season 2?

I'm excited!

Q30. サターン賞のトロフィーどこに置いてます?
Where are you going to put your Saturn award?

Next to my other one

Q31. ガーディアンズの商品で好きなのは?
What's your favorite piece of Guardians merch?

Funko Baby Groots rock.

Jason Bourne or Ethan Hunt or James Bond?


Q33. ぼくの質問に答えてくれる可能性は?
What are the chances of you answering one of my questions?


Q34. 今何聴いてますか?
What're you listening to right now?

Just air

Q35. いつから映画制作をはじめましたか? そのために大学に行きましたか? 大成功したのは? あなたにとても興味があります
How did you start as a filmmaker? Did you go to college for it? what was your big break? I'm really curious James Gunn

I was hired to write the screenplay for Tromeo & Juliet for 150 bucks. That's definitely a big break. I've had others

Q36. これ観てどう思います?
What do you have to say about this?

That was an incredibly fun time!

Q.37 バンドの伝記映画を監督出来るとしたら、どのバンドを選びますか?
If you could direct a biopic of any band, who would you choose?


Q.38 GotGにカメオ出演していたら、その理由と出演シーンを教えてください
If you could of had a cameo in GOTG what scene would it be and why? 

I am the Sakaarran that Yondu shoots

Q39. ライターズ・ブロック(脚本が書けなくなること)から立ち直る方法は?
Hey James. Big fan. What's your cure for writer's block?

I don't believe in writer's block. We just get fucked up emotionally and mentally sometimes and start judging what we do. I just write anyway and seem to get through it.

Q40. 今までで一番好きなコミックは何ですか?
What is your favourite comic book of all time?


Q41. TVゲームやりますか? もしやっていたら、好きなSFゲーは何ですか?
Do you play video games? If so, what is your favorite Sci-Fi series?

Knights of the Old Republic

Q42. 好きなディズニーランドの乗り物は?
What's your favorite Disneyland ride?


Q43. まだやってないジャンルの映画で、作ってみたいものはありますか?
Are there any genres you want to make a movie in that you haven't done yet?

Yes, I'd like to do a Western

Q44. ナマケモノとレッサーパンダとでは、どっちが好きですか?
What do you like more, sloths or red pandas?

Oooo. I love them both. But I've met sloths personally, so I'll have to go with them.

Q45. 月曜日の「アントマン」プレミアには行きますか? そこでまた会えますよね。
Are you going to be at the Ant Man premiere on Monday? We'll be there again.

As long as I am physically better, which I should be, I will be there. I'm SOOOOO excited!!!

Q46. イギリスに住んでいて寝ていたので早めに質問することが出来ませんでした。今あなたの「The Toy Collector」を読んでいるところですが、とても良い内容です。また機会があれば本を書いてみようと思いますか?
Hi James Gunn didn't get a chance to take part earlier live in England so was fast asleep. I'm reading your book at the minute The Toy Collector really good, if you get chance in the future do you think you would write another book.

Yes, I probably will someday. Probably a non-fiction book.

Q47. Radditを使ってのQ&Aをご検討願えませんか?
Would you consider doing an AMA (Q&A) on Reddit?


Q48.うーん、じゃあひとつ質問です。リドリースコット版のエイリアンとジェームス・キャメロン版のエイリアン観ました? 観てたら、どっちがよかったですか?
Hmmmmm, ok i got ONE question James Gunn. Have you ever seen Ridley Scott's Alien or James Cameron's Aliens and if you have, which was better?

The original Alien is so great because it invented so much, and brought so much to science fiction cinema. Even if I like Aliens more - which in some ways I do - the genius of the original Alien is staggering.

Q49. (おっと乗り遅れた。)好きなクリスは誰ですか? クリス・プラット、クリス・エバンス、クリス・ヘルムワースの中では?
(Oops I'm late) who's your favorite Chris? Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, for Chris hemsworth?

Pratt of course

Q50. いつの間にかこんなことが行われていたとは……。好きだったらでいいんですけど、好きなビールは何ですか? 黒ビールをはじめ、いろんな種類がありますが。
I don't know if you'll get this since it's been an hour and you might be all posted out... But what is your favourite type of beer, if you like beer? dark. Extra strength bitter, IPA, wheat ale, stout, red, etc

I don't drink alcohol

Q51. ロケットとグルートの初対面の話を観る事は可能ですか?
any chance we'll get to see rocket and groots first meeting?

yes. It's written. I just don't know where to fit it in. It won't be the next movie. I might do it as a comic someday, within the MCU.

Q52. 「スーパー!」の前日譚作ろうと考えたことはありませんか? リビーの過去とかフランクとサラとの出会いとか?
Do you think you'll ever make a prequel to SUPER? Maybe a story about Libby's past and how Frank and Sarah met?

No I don't think so. We see them meet in the movie.

Q53. マーベルの「ランナウェイズ」を監督するつもりはありますか?
would you direct a movie Marvel's The Runaways if ever ?

I love the Runaways. I was just talking with the Marvel folks the other day about how that movie should be made. Great work by Brian Vaughn in the original series.

Q54. 「スターウォーズ 帝国の逆襲」と「レイダース 失われたアーク」だったら?
The Empire Strikes back or Raiders of the Lost Ark?

I guess Raiders.

Alright let's do this James. I hope this question is a good one. 
What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Nothing. I don't think I like them

Q56. スターロードはどこで単2電池を手に入れてるんですか?
Where does starlord get the AA batteries for the walkman?

ARGH. You can look this up on the Internet. I'm not answering it any more. It should be obvious.

Q57. ルイス・ロジックの音楽をどこで知りましたか?
How did you find Louis Logic's music?

I think I was first introduced through my brother Sean.

Q58. ブラジルってどうよ?
e ai James, What do you think about Brazil?

I have never been but I would love to go.

Q59. 映画学科の生徒になにかアドバイスはありますか? 行くべき場所とか会うべき人とか?
Do you have any advice for film students? Where to go next/who to get in contact with?

Make movies.

Q60. 映画では人間以外の生物にも敬意を払っていますよね。幼い頃は動物に対して好意を持ってましたか?
you have a deep respect for other beings in your movies. Was your childhood positively influenced by animals?


Q61. お体ご自愛ください。風邪を引いた時に自分が一番効くと思う民間療法は何ですか?
Sorry you're not feeling well, James. Since you have a cold, my question is: what is your best "home remedy" for a cold?

Drink lots and lots of water and gargle with salt water.

Q62. どうかどうかトム・プロクターが演じたキャラを再登場させてください!!!
Please please tell me you are bringing back Tom proctors character!!!

Horuz is dead

Q63. ゴッド・スピード・ユー!ブラックエンペラーのアルバムではどの曲が好き?
What's your favorite Godspeed you! Black emperor album?

Maybe Lift Your Skinny Fists

Q64. メガネいくつ持ってますか?
How many pairs of glasses do you have?

I don't know. Four?

Q65. ロバート・ロドリゲスとエンティン・タランティーノ、どっちのファン?
Are you a fan at all of Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino?

I'm a fan of both. I'm a super-fan of Tarantino.

Q66. マジで2658もの質問に答えたんですか?
Did you really answer 2658 questions?

No, I only answered about 250. 4000 questions were asked.

Q67. 明日観るホラー映画、観て無さそうなのがいいんですがご教授ください!
Recommend me a horror movie to watch tomorrow I likely haven't seen!

「ザ・ブルード ~怒りのメタファー~」
The Brood

Q68. ティム・ガンとは親戚ですか?
Are you related to Tim Gunn?


Q69. ぶっ飛んだゾンビ映画撮りたいなって思った事ありませんか?
Would you be willing to take a badass zombie movie pitch?

I don't take pitches unfortunately

Q70. 「ハワード・ザ・ダック」を監督するつもりはありますか?
If asked to, would you direct a Howard the Duck solo film?

Probably not

Q71. あなたが飼ってる犬を飼えますか
can i pet your dog

If you see him, sure

Q72. モンスター映画の脚本をを書いているところです。2000年代に入ってからのモンスターで好きなのは何ですか?
I'm currently writing a monster movie... what's your favorite monster movie from the 2000's ?

「ザ・ホスト 美しき侵略者」と「クローバーフィールド」。
The Host and Cloverfield

Q73. またつがいのねずみを飼いたいと思いますか?
Have you considered getting a pair of pet rats again?

I think my dog and cat would try to eat them

Q74. コロンビアの良いとこ教えてください。
Hey James. Any favourite thing about Colombia?

The food, and the women, of course!

Q75. 3D映画……アリ?ナシ? 単なる仕掛けや道具に過ぎないと思いませんか?(個人的には嫌いなんですけど、興行的に必要だというのは分かります)
3D... thumbs up or down? Think its a gimmick or a tool? (I hate it but could understand using it if it was a sales bumper.)

I love it when it's used well.

hey James, who is your favorite Beatle?


Q77. もし今までに打ち切りになったテレビ番組で、同じキャストでもう1シーズン観れるとしたら何を選びますか?
If you could pick one canceled TV show to have another season - same Cast regardless of how long ago it was on the air - what would you choose?

Wonder Schowzen

Q78. 何でそんな重力に逆らった髪型してるの?
What's wrong with your hair and gravity?

I have a lot of cowlicks

Q79. 「トロメオとジュリエット」やったこと後悔してる?
Do you regret Tromio and Juliette?

No way

Q80. ジョス・ウェドンがマーベル見限ったのってどう思う?
Do you think Joss Whedon was in the right to be upset with Marvel?

I wasn't there.

Q81. 今まで観た中で好きなアニメ映画は?
What's your favorite animated movie of all time?

Probably Toy Story 3.

Q82. もしヴィランの単発映画が撮れるとしたら(コミックのあるなしにかかわらず)、どれを選ぶ?
If you got the chance to do a villain solo movie (be it origin story or not for any company doesn't have to be comics) who would you pick?

It depends on what you mean by villain, but it would be one of the Guardians folks, most likely

Q83. 「スーパー!」主人公フランクの最後が「スリザー」のエイリアンに襲われて終わる結末だとしたら、どれくらい抵抗する?
How long would Frank from Super last in the scenario of Slither before he ends up swallowing one of the aliens?

Frank would make it to the end, I think.

Q84. グルートが第一作目よりでかくなるって本当ですか?
Is Groot really going to be bigger than he was in Guardians 1?

I never said anything like that.

Q85. 詳細は開かせないと思うのですが、GotG2でコミックに出てきたキャラクターの誰かがあっと驚く登場をしたりするのを見れますか?
Obviously you can't give specifics, but are there any characters from the comics that we'll be very surprised to see in Guardians 2?

I'd say probably

Q86.  スーパーヒーローものの映画ってちょっと飽和状態にあると思いませんか? この深刻な状況をあなたの力をもって改善できますか? (近頃はどれも「暗い」ものばかりですし)
Hey James. Don't you think the movie-superhero genre is getting a bit saturated? That the whole profound thought about using your powers to help others is becoming diluted? (Everything is so 'dark' these days)

No idea. I do know I don't think Guardians is a superhero movie.

Q87. DCコミック好きですか?
do you like DC comics?


Q88. いつか映画監督になろうと思っているこども達に最適なアドバイスは何ですか?
Mr James,
What is the best advice you have for a kid that would one day like to be a film director? 

映画を撮り始めろ!! 本当に好きならやり方を教わって覚えろ!完成させられたら、もう大丈夫! 
Just start making movies now!! Learn how to do it and see if you really like doing it! And finish them, no matter what!

Q89. GotGのブルーレイ特典にに入っていない削除シーンで、気に入ったものがあれば教えてください。それらを私たちが観れるように何らかの方法で出す予定はありますか?
You've mentioned lots of deleted scenes you like from Guardians of the Galaxy that aren't featured on the blu-ray. Might we ever see any of these released in some form?

If I liked them that much I would have kept them in the movie!

Do you like tacos?


Q91. GotG2用の新しいエイリアンのアィデアはありますか?
Any new alien ideas for GOTG2?


Q92. クリス・プラットがインディ・ジョーンズに起用されるかもしれないことについてどう思いますか?
What do you think about Chris pratt may be the new Indiana Jones?

I think it's a rumor and there's not any truth to it at this point

Q93. ロムはまだお気に入りの一人ですか?
Is Rom still one of your favorites?


Q94. バカげてるとは思うけど……「カウボーイ・ビバップ」を実写化しようと考えた事はありますか
I know this is crazy... But will you ever consider doing a film adaptation of.... Cowboy Beebop

I don't think so

Q95. コミック業界に入るためのアドバイスは? 具体的にマーベルには? 何なら清掃スタッフでも可w 
Advice on getting in the comics industry? Specifically Marvel? I'll be the janitor there if I have to lol

I'm not a part of the comics industry, so I have no idea

Q96. 「トゥルー・ロマンス」は観ましたか? 観てたらあの映画の感想を。
have you seen the film True Romance? if so what do you think of the film.

I like it a lot

Q97. ジェラルド・ウェイに会った事あります?
Have you conversed with Gerard Way?

Yes, Gerard is a friend.

What do you like best; pho or ramen?


Q99. テレビ番組で好きなエピソードを監督出来るとしたらどれを選ぶ? あと、ブラック・キーってどうよ?
Hell, I'm really drained. So I gotta ask, what TV show would you like to direct an episode for if you had the chance? Also, what do you think of the Black Keys?

I don't think I'd direct any TV episode

Q100. ファンとして、ソニーがマーベルにスパイディーの出演を許可して、代わりにマーベルがスパイディの映画に協力するのってクールだと思わない?
James as a fan don't you think it's cool Sony and Marvel are briing spidey to the MCU and letting Marvel help with the solo movie? 

Yes, I think it's very cool